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Graduation / Student Law

We take the training of our pupils very seriously and believe you get what you put into your pupillage. At Fahmi Zhafri & Co., we prefer a more flexible approach, and assess each individual on his or her own merits. If a pupil shows particular aptitude and inclination for a particular area of law, then he or she will be encouraged to develop such interest. This enables pupils to try out different practice areas simultaneously, and continue with matters from inception to completion, something which is lacking in more inflexible programmes. Pupils also have the opportunity to shadow and assist partners and associates on real trials and hearings. Our training programmes also emphasise learning good practice management, from account rules to proper file maintenance to legally-oriented training in Microsoft Office. You will also be exposed to concepts such as document management, time-keeping, and teamwork.

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We consider our medium size to be our greatest advantage. Our broad range of practice areas allows a lawyer to be exposed to different fields of law and experience different ways of thinking while our medium size allows one to enjoy a tightly-knit camaraderie. At Fahmi Zhafri & Co., we do not offer jobs, but careers. Our litigation lawyers have featured in some of the most prominent civil and public interest cases in Malaysia, and our corporate lawyers regularly handle some of the most sophisticated and complex transactions in the region. We believe that we offer a legal work environment that is unique in Malaysia, which you would want to be part of.

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Other Profession

We also offer opportunities for professionals other than qualified lawyers to grow and develop in the Malaysian legal industry. At present, the firm employs people in the following categories:-

- Accountant Staff
- Paralegals
- Legal secretaries
- General administrative staff

Interested? Kindly send your CV to admin@fzlaw.com.my