Cyril & Co. was founded by Mr P.G. Cyril as a sole proprietor in June 2013, and later into partnership with Mr. Mohd Zhafri Aminurashid and was renamed as Cyril Zhafri @ Co. on 1 November 2014. On 1 January 2017, it was renamed again as Fahmi Zhafri & Co. Effective from 16 July 2018, Fahmi Zhafri & Co. officially merge with Ashraf Sohaimi & Co. and it was renamed again as Fahmi Zhafri Ashraf & Co. Our main office at Petaling Jaya, meanwhile our branch at Tanjung Malim.


The mission of Fahmi Zhafri Ashraf & Co. is to provide reliable, efficient, dependable professional legal and corporate services to facilitate transactions and problem solutions.


Our vision is to become a highly reliable and respected law firm. We aspire to bring into this practice the synergy of all our experiences and diverse expertise with the ultimate aim of quantum professional standards and client satisfaction. The firm has and still maintained a good relationship with various quarters of societies including governmental bodies, banking and financial institutions, companies, individuals, corporate and incorporated bodies.